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Strategise - Plan - Implement

Marketing Plan Advisor

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Marketing Plan Advisor

An essential part of any Marketing Plan is a Marketing Strategy to automate the Lead a Generation process. Our gift to you is a FREE website and sales funnel builder. ​

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What is a Marketing Plan?

Your marketing plan should to be the strategy of what you want your marketing to achieve and then the blueprint for the tactics to implement that strategy.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory”. Sun Tzu


What do you want to achieve? Who is your ideal customer, what do they want, where do they look and how will you provide your products/service better than your competitors?


How do you follow your Marketing Plan, who's responsible for implementation, how do you evaluate the effectiveness, tweak as needed and then move on to the final process...


What tactics do you need to use to generate and convert leads, maximise the value of each sale, generate repeat and referral business and automate the process?

Rinse and Repeat

Learn how to evaluate, review, tweak and improve your plan and the Strategies and Tactics used within it. Then rinse and repeat to maximise your Return on Investment...

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"I've worked with hundreds of businesses around the world and those who were successful all had one thing in common. A comprehensive Marketing Plan."

The Marketing Plan Advisor

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